Token tax break won’t fix underfunding

The government’s latest attempt to appease parents is a school-supplies tax credit that amounts to $12.50 per child per year. We have several issues with this:

  1. The $12.50 will only go to those who pay income tax, which doesn’t include the lowest-earning families, who will still have to pay for school supplies.
  2. Foregoing taxes reduces the government’s revenues and provides an excuse to plead poverty and cut education funding even more.
  3. A dollar per month per child will have little or no impact on a family’s finances, but it could go much further if it was put into the education system where it belongs. Several teachers have tweeted that they could really use $1 per month per student to properly equip their classrooms.
  4. $12.50 per year is nowhere near the amount that has been downloaded to parents, who are required to pay for items like music lessons, tutoring, and assessments to make up for cuts to the system. And that’s in addition to all the subsidies provided by PAC fundraising.

Use our email tool to write to your MLA, the premier, and the minister of education, and tell them that our kids, our families, and our society deserve adequately funded public education, not token tax breaks.