Can you hear us now? School District 5 responds to Minister of Education

On February 23, education minister Mike Bernier gave an interview to On the Coast in which he dismissed education funding concerns as mere “noise.” In response, FACE launched our “Can You Hear Us Now?” email tool; we (and Mr. Bernier) have heard from citizens all across BC that they are more than just noise, and more emails continue to arrive.

Now SD 5, Southeast Kootenay, has written an open letter to the minister requesting an apology and correcting his figures. Find the letter here.

The letter concludes with “Our Board urges you to rely less on the information you are being provided internally and have an honest look at the information and feedback your constituents—Boards, administrators, teachers, support staff, parents, and students—have and continue to provide you.”

Please take a moment to give Mr. Bernier and your MLA your own feedback, using our quick and easy email tool.