FACE – Maple Ridge

Families Against Cuts to Education – Maple Ridge is a group of parents, grandparents, educators and citizens who are standing up for better funding for our public schools.

We represent the parents and children in Maple Ridge and surrounding areas who have watched our public schools slowly deteriorate over the years, to the point where our children are faced with a school system that no longer provides the necessary funding to ensure a good quality education.

We are standing up to advocate for better funding for our schools so that every child receives the same good quality, fully funded public education. No child’s education should depend on how much their parents can fundraise.

For too long, PACs, teachers and parents have been left to fill the gaping holes left by our government’s unwillingness to properly fund public education. It’s time for a change. Our schools can’t take any more cuts. Every cut to public education is directly affecting our children.

We welcome parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, trustees, school officials and anyone else who is concerned about the state of our public schools in Maple Ridge and surrounding areas to join us in advocating for better funding. When we stand together, we can create a much stronger united front to successfully advocating for our children.

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FACE (Families Against Cuts to Education) groups are being formed across the province, and once formed locally we will unite together and become a province-wide group that our government will not be able to ignore